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BRIDGEWAY is a new amino acid biostimulant exclusively of plant origin and approved for use in all agricultural and horticultural crops without restriction. BRIDGEWAY has been developed to help reduce crop stress and release the yield and quality potential of crops.


1.0– 3.0 l/ha per application depending on the crop



Reduce risk and release potential

Whilst most wheat and sugar beet yields have the potential to more than double, the majority of growers are losing out on half their potential yield. BRIDGEWAY has been developed to help reduce crop stress and release the yield and quality potential of a vast array of crops. Based exclusively on plant derived vegetable amino acids and peptides, BRIDGEWAY is suitable for use in both organic and conventional farming systems. Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of every cell, critical to the health of crops and are needed in varying amounts. The amino acids in BRIDGEWAY play a crucial role in a crop's ability to take up nutrients and translocate them around the plant. They also support growth signals and defence against abiotic stress (cold, drought, heat, high pH, salinity, soil compaction); and biotic stress (insect pests and fungal diseases). BRIDGEWAY also contains 9% carbohydrate that plays an important role as an energy source and promotes the fixation of N nodules, increasing nitrogen absorption.

Key benefits of Bridgeway

  • Improves efficiency of the plant metabolism to induce yield and quality increases.
  • Fitter plants with greater tolerance to counteract the effects of stress.
  • Builds healthier plants that can build yield and quality for longer.
  • Kick-starts growth during the critical phases of crop development.


  • BRIDGEWAY is miscible with the most common crop protection products and fertilisers. Before using we recommend testing for compatibility.
  • Half fill the spray tank with clean water and commence agitation. If using an adjuvant, add this to the tank first. Add the recommended quantity of BRDGEWAY. Then add the recommended quantity of crop protection product and the remaining balance of water whilst maintaining agitation throughout.


  • Product Information Guide
  • Application Timing Guide
  • Use in Potatoes


Bridgeway is a trademark of Interagro (UK) Ltd. All trademarks are duly acknowledged.

What is unique to Bridgeway?


  • Plant based with non-restricted use in all organic and conventional crops

Bridgeway is exclusively of plant origin. Only amino acids of plant origin can be fully assimilated by the crop. This is contrary to the 90% of amino acid biostimulants on the market which are of animal origin – hide, blood, bone - which can also be contaminated with heavy metals, E. coli and Salmonella. Animal based amino acids are produced using chemical hydrolysis which involves heating these animal based components to extremely high temperatures in hydrochloric acid. Amino acids produced through this process cannot be fully utilised by the crop. There are growing food safety concerns about the use of animal-derived amino acids to the edible parts of crops. E.g. in 2017 NABIM issued a statement prohibiting the use of products from animal origin on milling wheat. In addition, limitations may be imposed on applying animal-derived amino acid biostimulants in the production of food grown for vegetarians or people with religious dietary restrictions. Based exclusively on plant derived vegetable amino acids and peptides, Bridgeway has non-restricted approval by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers for use on organic crops throughout the growing phase. It is suitable for all end markets – vegans, vegetarians, all religious groups with restrictive dietary requirements.

  • Proven in replicated trials and on farm to reduce stress and improve yield and quality

Bridgeway has been tested in a range of replicated trials over 2 years and tested commercially in split fields with a number of growers with great success. Here’s just a snapshot of the results Bridgeway has delivered:

Proven in fruit trials 2016 and 2017

  • Strawberries: mean 6% heavier, 1% bigger, 11% more; 29% higher yield
  • Pears: mean 4% firmer, 3% sweeter, slightly bigger

Proven in cereal trials 2017

  • Spring barley: mean 0.18 t/ha yield increase at all timings except GS 63-65
  • Winter wheat: 3.0 t/ha yield increase in c.v. Siskin; golden stubbles; noticeable improvement in vigour in oilseed rape follow crop
  • Spring barley: 1.0 t/ha yield increase; reduced brackling

Proven on farm

  • Sugar beet: drought stress – increase in beet yield
  • Sugar beet: recovery from herbicide damage – recovered beet; increase in yield and sugars over healthy undamaged beet
  • Winter wheat: 0.4 t/ha yield increase in c.v. Marston worth £40/ha