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Up T1 wheat yield by 0.28 t/ha with KANTOR, worth £36/ha

on Tuesday, 11 April 2017.

Adjuvant Insight April 17

With temperatures now rising across the country, wheat crops are expected to advance quickly towards leaf 3 emergence, where a well timed and robust fungicide programme will be required to manage what experts are reporting as "a significant threat to wheat crops with Septoria present in every variety across a range of drilling dates". With weather interchangeable from one week to the next, optimal uptake of the fungicide and fast penetration into the crop is required to ensure both protectant and curative activity is started as rapidly as possible for optimal protection of leaf 3 and 4.

KANTOR can help:
Boosts effectiveness of partner fungicides increasing T1 yield by 0.28 t/ha

  • Buffers water to pH 6 for optimal uptake
  • Reduces drift, delivering optimum dose to target
  • Improves penetration & uptake for optimal efficacy


Kantor yield apr 
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For more information about KANTOR click here.

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