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Up T0 yield by 0.4 t/ha, black-grass control by 3% with KANTOR

on Friday, 17 March 2017.

Adjuvant Insight March 17

With temperatures rising across the country and the odd shower about, conditions are now ideal for disease and weed emergence, with plenty of sightings of yellow rust and Septoria reported in many varieties. Herbicide and fungicide performance, as well as resistance management, can be optimised by ensuring the full dose is delivered to the target weed and disease, and as much of the herbicide and fungicide is taken up as quickly as possible for fast and effective control.

KANTOR can help:
Boosts effectiveness of partner fungicides increasing T0 yield by 0.4 t/ha, black-grass control by 3%.

  • Buffers water to pH 6 for optimal uptake
  • Reduces drift, delivering optimum dose to target
  • Improves penetration & uptake for optimal efficacy


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For more information about KANTOR click here.

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