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Agrigate is a soil conditioner designed to enhance soil structure by improving aeration allowing better penetration of both water and nutrients. It will improve soils damaged by compaction problems leading to poor root development and poor yields.


200 L/ha

Minimum. Immediately before or after drilling (before crop emergence) and/after harvest.



Agrigate can be used to improve the condition of light to heavy soils. The product works by reducing soil shear strength, i.e. the bonding between clay particles & water when present as an aqueous colloid. This enables water, nutrients and roots to penetrate deeper into the soil profile.

Best For

  • Poor crop emergence
  • Panning
  • Surface water retention
  • Surface crusting
  • Low earthworm activity
  • Water run-off/erosion.

Key Benefits

  • Improve aeration within the soil profile
  • Improves soil infiltration and reduces excessive surface water
  • Reduces soil compaction, clodding, 'soil sticking' and panning

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