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About Us - Our People

  • Mike Roche

    Managing Director
    Interagro founder and owner.  Basically The Boss!!!

  • Jackie Underhill

    Company Secretary
    Head Office administration and Company Secretary to the MD and Board of Directors.

  • Emma Ralph

    Business & Marketing Development Manager
    New product and market development in UK and Europe.  Working closely with the R&D team developing trial protocols across Europe.

  • Will Ramsay

    Commercial Manager
    Liaising with key customers throughout the UK and Europe.  Pricing and sales forecasting.

  • Ronnie Underhill

    Production & Logistics Manager
    Supply chain management. Product procurement and customer deliveries, stock control, sales, purchase orders and invoicing.

  • Kim Rawlings

    Organisation of meetings, events and travel for the Interagro Team. Office administration.

  • Robert Butselaar

    Research & Development Consultant
    Works closely with the Market Development Team. Optimising R&D, technology scouting and new product development and supply chain demands.

  • Mick Hewitt

    Research & Development Consultant
    Formulation and regulatory management for new and existing products. Maintenance of safety data sheets, technical support for manufacturing purposes.

Our History

Interagro was formed in 1994 and has since then been at the forefront of the development of surfactant chemistry as in-tank adjuvants. It continues to be the pioneering organisation it set out to be, developing and marketing a wide range of innovative products to optimise the performance of agricultural and horticultural inputs.

Today, Interagro boasts over 100 products in 30 international markets, making it one of the leading lights in the specialist spray adjuvant business throughout the EU, Eastern Europe and North Africa.



Our Products

Interagro’s continued investment in R&D and technology partnerships has lead to many significant milestones in product introduction and market development. With a rapidly expanding world population where cost-efficient food production on ever less available land has become top of the global agenda, its future remains bright.

Dedicated to improving overall spray performance and efficiency whilst maintaining a strong and positive environmental focus, Interagro products will remain at the forefront of new adjuvant technology.

Our Distributors

One of Interagro’s great strengths is its understanding of customer and market needs and its strong relationships with third parties. It has a proven track record of obtaining products and developing them for specialist markets.

With alliances and partnerships stretching throughout the EU, Eastern Europe and North Africa, Interagro is recognised as providing technological solutions and management tools to meet the different challenges of growers in many different markets and climatic conditions.

Interagro work closely with a number of distributors to be able to offer farmers and growers even more cost-effective performance of crop protection products.